VT4 4G  and VT5 4G Cat M1

They are 4G GPS multifunctional tracking devices low standby current of 12.5 mA and ultra sleep mode 2.5 mA  AnTRAK ready for 24/7 monitoring.
With the finest craftsmanship from Europe they are fully featured, highly competitive and cost efficient 4G GPS trackers developed for vehicle, motor bikes and truck tracking. It offers you crystal clear real time tracking details and tracking functions as per  tele-cutoff starter motor, geo-fence zone, overspeed, towing, battery and disconnection alert. Three programmable outputs and three inputs for easy integration with our car alarm systems or stand alone.
Download mobile phone APP 'AnSMS':    Apple iOS and Android is specifically designed  for VT4 and VT5 to communicate with a platform for user friendly SMS commands. 

VT6 4G 

Is a 4G GPS multifunctional tracking device. With a low standby current of 5  mA at sleep mode.The kit includes an SOS button, microphone and a cut out relay for your car with easy integration to our car alarm range or stand alone.
Optional an external speaker for a two-way conversation. 
AnTRAK ready for 24/7 monitoring.
Utilizing cutting-edge GPS technology, the VT6 features not only traditional tracking functions as tele-cutoff petrol, geo-fence, SOS alarm, overspeed alert,disconnection alert, but optional digital outputs for door detection.


24/7 Self monitoring for $176 incl GST a year.

AnTRAK is linked with Wialon a multifunctional fleet management system also used for mobile and stationary tracking.

Webpage tracking software and user friendly mobile phone APP  for Android and Apple iOS.