VT4 3G/4G  and VT5 4G Cat M1

Is a 4G GPS multifunction tracking device. Low standbye currant of 12,5 mA and Ultra sleep mode 2,5 mA. AnTRAK ready for 24/7 monitoring.
With the finest craftsmanship of Europe, VT4 is a fully-featured, highly competitive and cost-effective 4G GPS tracker developed for vehicle, motor bikes and Trucks tracking. It offers you crystal clear real-time tracking details,  tracking functions as tele-cutoff starter motor, geo-fence, zone, overspeed, towing, battery and disconnection alert. Three programmable outputs. Easy integration with our car alarm range or stand alone.
Includes download APP's:    Apple iOS is specific designed  for VT4 and VT5 to communicate user friendly SMS commands. For Android use generic SMS APP. 


Is a 3G GPS multifunctional tracking device.
The kit includes a SOS button, microphone and a cut out relay for your car. Easy integration with our car alarm range or stand alone. AnTRAK ready for 24/7 monitoring.
Utilizing cutting-edge GPS technology, the VT2 features not only traditional tracking functions as tele-cutoff petrol, geo-fence, SOS alarm, overspeed alert,disconnection alert, but optional digital outputs for door detection.

Low cost
24/7 Self monitoring for $176 incl GST a year.

AnTRAK is linked with Wialon a multifunctional fleet management system, Also used for mobile and stationary assets tracking.

Webpage tracking software and user friendly mobile phone APP  for Android and Apple iOS.